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Legend of the Pie Sisters
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Instead of "don't go into the light", people should say "don't go into the death vagina". Because, bright lights n shit.

You ever been so lonely that you want to make up your first imaginary friend aS A TEENAGER?

Going to church doesn't make you a Christian any more than standing in a garage makes you a car.


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United States

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Old account: Katie623DA


Name: Katie/Cody
Nicknames: Muffin
Status: Single
Religion: None
Favorite color: Black

Don't be a dick to me or my watchers.

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I don't do art trades, tags, or llamas, nor to I respond to comments thanking me for the watch or favorite. Feel free to check out my group, my other social media, and my friends' profiles!

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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

Hello everyone, it is I, Katie623DA. After I got my old account back, I decided to move. It's so weird being back on this site after so long, and going through my gallery to delete all my shitty deviations and edgy journals was...a major cringefest to say the least.

Apparently I had a fetish for all things FNAF, Minecraft, and VenturianTale (which I haven't watched in months since they've gotten boring and repetitive lately much like GameGrumps and probably even Markiplier. Lol I don't even know if that's the reason I haven't watched his videos in months either.), but now I'm into stuff like Gravity Falls and Steven Universe, and now my shitty fanfiction is a lot less shitty and is now titled Legend of the Pie Sisters.


Many things have changed since I was banned at twelve years old, not only on this site but in real life as well! My therapy's really payed off but my counselors are annoying dicks.

Anyway, feel free to check out xXMidnightDereXx's profile as well as my social media.


Cherry Pie
This is a character I made today when I was bored and playing PonyTown. Since she's new, the only thing I've got for her is that she's the Pie Sisters' bubbly and sweet cousin. Unfortunately, the freckles keep making me think she speaks in a country accent. Plus, the original cutie mark is not mine, but I'm not sure where I got it from. I might actually change it later when I figure out her personality.

The new "sensitive content" thingy on Tumblr is fucking stupid.
This is Britany.exe's (that Sweetie Belle recolor from my old account) final redesign. She actually went through many redesigns. She is the older bitchy sister of Stormrose who's barely in the story so she doesn't have much of a personality or backstory at all. She is meant to represent one of my cousins that both me and her sister hate because she is a gigantic dick to us, and her purpose is to die. Try not to get too attached to her.

Her original name was Glittersong, but my cousin (who Stormrose is based after) accidentally read it as her current name and I liked it so it stuck. At least it makes more sense because it's combining something positive with something negative, like her sister's name.

Base:… (Raini-Bases)
Shush, Dear Sister (read description)
I made this on the first of May when I started drawing Blinkie's mane correctly, since it used to look like a mix between Inkie and Zinkie's (who I renamed because it'd be weird to say "Blinkie, Rinkie, Inkie, Pinkie...Maud. And if you're a fan of Muffins, it's obvious why I couldn't call her Minkie. Besides, I didn't want her first and middle names to begin with the same letter).

Lookie, I even gave Blinkie her own cutie mark! yaaaaaaaaaay At least it's easy to tell what universe she's from compared to Fandom Blinkie, Muffins Blinkie, and Canon Limestone.

I was trying to stray away from the "Blinkie is an asshole" thing, so I created this personality for her to be a sweetheart...and then she turned into a dick when I started developing her backstory. .-. Maybe she'll be one of those kind characters with a dark past, kinda like my version of Fluttershy.

Base:… (PonyBasesRUs)


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