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~Legend of the Pie Sisters~
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I rant sometimes.



Just because it's not exactly what YOU want doesn't mean it's automatically evil and should be destroyed. Nobody is perfect or normal, but some are more fucked up than others. Meh, I guess you can't please everyone though.

Just because I favorite something doesn't always mean I like the idea behind it, like Undertale or a certain ship. I may just like the artstyle or a character design, you know.

I only like incestuous ships if it's between two gay siblings with a reasonable age gap, and even then it's like every other ship: definitely not shipped automatically just because I like a thing or two about it. Also, I may or may not be a slight furry. I'm not in denial, I genuinely don't know. I had shit parents, what'd you expect?

Though, it's pretty rare that I talk about either of these subjects so it's not like anyone should care. I am not rubbing either of these in your face, so just stop reading and go look at my other shit if you don't like what I'm talking about. It's that simple, just don't be a little bitch about it.

And if you assumed I'm dating a family member or I fuck animals, might need more therapy than I do, honey. Maybe get to know someone before you automatically shun them. Otherwise, you're not gonna get very far in life.

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Name: Katie/Cody
Nicknames: Muffin
Status: Single
Religion: None
Favorite colors: Black, grey, red, green, blue, purple, pink
Previous account: Katie623DA

i have glasses but i hate them so much that i pretend they don't exist

Don't be a cunt to me or my watchers. I don't do art trades, tags, or llamas, nor to I respond to comments thanking me for the watch or favorite. Feel free to check out my groups, my other social media, and/or my friends' profiles!

If you only watch me for my base art, then...go ahead and unwatch me. I try not to do much of it anymore if I can keep from it. Also, I hate religion and lgbt-phobia (heterophobia included) so don't come to me with that shit.

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I had a little fight with my cousin last night that really fucked me up and made me really depressed today. My counselor says I'm suicidal and so she's putting me in a mental hospital or something (I don't know much about it) though we're not sure for how long or if I even meet the criteria. I'm finally gonna be put on depression meds, and I feel much better now than I did this morning, so I suppose it's nothing to worry about. I just wanted to let you guys know. :P


Alrighty then, I'm apparently fine. I might get some meds either today or tomorrow afternoon so that's nice. Everyone's worrying about this shit but me.


Just finished It and it was awesome! It's a long movie but I recommend it.
I got new glasses yesterday and so far no one has noticed because they look almost exactly like my old ones.
I feel depressed again. Everyone's taking their anger out on me.
What If - Adult Thunder
because why not lol

God, I love her eyes and how they look under her mane. Since this What If is gonna be a one-time thing, I didn't give her a cutie mark. Besides, I don't think I could've fit it next to the wing.

I swear, if a second person bitches about this one-off background character, I will launch myself into the sun.

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Well at least you noticed your mistake and corrected yourself. I don't get that often.
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Although in this case, at least I can blame the troll. ;p
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